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Two years in a row, I had an opportunity to visit retirement homes for Holocaust survivors in Israel, as well as the AMCHA Therapy Center in Jerusalem, a psychological support center for Holocaust survivors and their families. 
I traveled with the children choir AVODA from Bad Leonfelden (AT) led by Elizabeth Birngruber and Judith Hartl, who have been visiting former Austrians in Israel, since 2011 and singing songs from their childhood. 

What did you want to become when you were a kid? 


How was your life before? 

Do you ever think about the time before the war?

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They all welcomed these questions with a big smile, eyes suddenly starring in the distance, remembering. It seams like they are dreaming for few seconds - until the Veil of the well known nightmare covers their thoughts again. 

"I remember I wanted to become a teacher, but then the war started."


"I remember my mother, she was beautiful in a white dress. We loved to dance and run barefoot on the grass! The war happened so fast..."

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102-year-old Mr. Elias Feinzilberg asked me kindly to share his story, reminding me that someday they won't be there anymore but that their tragedy should never be forgotten!

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